God works in wonderful ways.

God lead me to start writing. I remember thinking what am I going to write. Then that book I wrote several years ago, I found it. It was as if God was saying I was preparing you for such a time as this. After much editing and critiquing, I finally edited this book to the place where I was comfortable enough to start showing it around to traditional publishers.

This book is my baby. I worked so hard on it. I want my writing to be for Moms and Dads who want to have fun while reading their children.

I have changed the book so much to make this book worthy of your hard-earned money. I believe that it will be one of those go-to books you read at night. The one you say I am not going to read the book unless you get in the bed right away. Then the kid scrambles onto the bed, saying, “I am going to my night, night.”

I am so excited about the journey where I can find right traditional publisher. The company that will see my vision and choose my book as a good bed time story. I am hoping they say I love it, when can we start. This journey was hard, and it is slow-moving, but I believe.


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