My book is almost finished and then it’s count down time…..again.

I’ve been reading poetry lately as I work on my second book Rain, Rain Come, Again.

Robert Louise Stevenson’s poems are so much fun. They share his love of nature and the innocence of being a child. I am pretty sure I have memorized most of them. Do you know any?

Langston Hughes’ poetry for kids is so rhythmically driven. His poems uses ebonics, a unique way brown skinned people spoke to each other during that time. He also shares his thoughts on life as a brown-skinned individual and his love for music. This book is a great historical take on brown-skinned individuals during Langston’s lifetime .

Shel Silverstein’s poems are so wonderfully fun and funny. They are corky poems about life. They mostly describe people doing everyday things. *Poems need to be read before sharing with younger kids.

We just went through a horrible ordeal with COVID. And now, tragedy is changing our world as we are being catapulted into a new way of life. I think it’s an excellent time to get away from life and read some poetry.


Shel Silverstein —Where the Sidewalk Ends

Langston Hughes— Poetry for Young People Langston Hughes

Robert Louis Stevenson —A Child’s Garden of Verses

Sophia is a young artist, born in China, who now lives in the majestic country of New Zealand. 

She is a freelancer at home and occasionally do commissions online, working with clients from different countries. She illustrated two Children’s Book – “Little Miss Crazy Hair” and “The Boon on the Moon” by the age of 17.

Her love for art and creating beautiful things started when she was very small. Over the years she self-taught herself to draw and create wonderful pieces of art. Sophia credits most of her inspiration from surrealistic art, things with a unique flair, and the overwhelming support and encouragement of her parents and family. Sophia is an uni student studying interactive design with the passion and desire to continue her talent in making art and design as her full-time career

My book Daddy, How Does a Sloth Give a Hug? is coming along well. The edits have been finalized, and the next step is getting the illustrations completed. After that comes the actual printing of the book, and I am so excited!I’ve been reading different picture books as well, and recently discovered Arree Chung, author of the Ninja series. He has some great books. I enjoyed his newest book, Mixed, as it explains friendship in a simple way.
I am also reading 101 Great American Poems, a book with beautiful poetry written by Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and others. I would love to know what you are reading? Please comment below!


Happy Tuesday, ! I wanted to share some news about the picture books I am publishing. My intention was to have two books in completed by this summer — Rain, Rain, Come Again and How Does a Sloth Give a Hug? Rain, Rain, Come Again was scheduled to be self published in May. However, I decided that I need more time to make sure this book is produced correctly before I share this book with you. I am using another illustrator, and I am also having it evaluated by a developmental editor. Following that, a line editor, copy editor will, and a formatter will also be reviewing the book. I wholeheartedly believe in this book, and desire it to one that will delight you and your child as you sit and read it together. Thank you for your patience as I go through these steps in reaching the finish line with these books! I hope to share great news soon!Diane Elgin

My family and I are praying fervently for you as we all are weathering this storm. I pray that you and your family stay healthy and stay strong mentally.
If you live in the DC area my church Mclean Bible Church doors are open to help you as they can. I am here to pray or help as I can also.

Thank you

Diane Elgin

Let me share my goals for the books that will be published.

1. God’s message of His unconditional love for us. God made us perfect and unique.

2. You can do whatever you put you mind to but you have to put the work in.

3. Everyone needs a good laugh everyday. We can learn while we are having fun.